In June, 2000 Flagstaff Area Christians In Mission was the vision of a local group of pastors and church leaders, born out of much prayer. Their desire was to see the Church respond to the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20) across denominational lines. In September 2004 the group changed its name to FaithWorks to better represent the variety of member churches and our theological purpose.

FaithWorks was formed to unite the Christian community of Arizona and throughout the US in mission. FaithWorks provides significant opportunities for education, information, and practical mission experiences locally, nationally, and internationally.

FaithWorks is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization operated under the direction of a Board of Directors. Its Executive Director, Rev. Glen Allen, is both an ordained pastor and a licensed contractor in the state of Arizona.

To date, 20 cooperating churches and businesses have sent 3437 short-term missionaries to 199 different local, national, and international destinations including: Alaska, Mexico, Russia, and Tanzania. Project chuches and ministries have benefited by over $1,843,325 in services, labor, materials, and medicines.

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**SOLAR OVEN CLINIC, September 11th & 12th

Solar Oven Partners, a United Methodist ministry, came all the way from South Dakota to facilitate this clinic for our friends at the Sr. Center in Leupp! It was fun, interesting, informative and yummy! The success of this clinic was an inspiration to do it again next year. We will let you know when!


Count this one as a HUGE success! The FaithWorks trailer was jammed full of all kinds of medical supplies and assistive equipment and wow are they excited to get all of it! Not only did we drop off, we thoroughly cleaned and cleaned out the clinic! It will be so exciting to go back in November to run the medical clinic in clean and uncluttered facilities! BIG wish list is available for over the counter items. Please call the FW office at (928)774-0504 or email

**ALASKA MISSION TRIP, August 18-26th

10 Missioners blessed Birchwood Camp by fixing things up and working on new projects too. Work was balanced by a little sight seeing, a short hike, a beachside picnic and the Alaska State Fair! What a great team! Please consider going yourself next year! We can take up to 15 people!

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