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Can FaithWorks coordinate a mission for my cause or organization?

The Executive Director of FaithWorks is responsible for developing future projects. The criteria for selecting projects include:

  • Faithworks can repair and build your Christian based project or needThe ministry's purpose is consistent with FaithWorks' mission and values.
  • The ministry is in need of the assistance and is itself involved in addressing its needs.
  • There is no other organization or group of persons better able to help than is FaithWorks.
  • FaithWorks can be of valuable assistance at the time the ministry needs it.
  • Adopting this project will help FaithWorks' Christian witness.

When a project is selected, Faithworks can organize medical missions worldwidelocal people involved in that project are expected to be an integral part of the team during the building process. In the planning stages they agree, for example, to provide construction volunteers, meals, housing, ground transportation, building materials or equipment. The nature of the local ministry's efforts are a part of the process of planning from the outset.

If you think your project might meet these criteria, contact our Executive Director.


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