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Church Membership Form

Church Membership Form: Use this form to when your congregation wishes to become a member of FaithWorks. Members are able to serve on the Board of Directors and have input into the missions and planning. Please print and have the form completed by an authorized Church Leader.

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View current Church Membership.

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Mission Membership Form

Mission Registration Form: Use this form when you would like to attend one of our missions scheduled on our calendar. Details of the mission are located in the calendar and more about our missions types can be found on the mission pages.

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Read more about our missions types.

Applicants from our Member Churches are given preference when attending missions, but membership is not required to attend. All applicants are subject to the approval of the Director.

FaithWorks Support Form Support Form: Use this form to support FaithWorks with a financial donation. For repeat donations sent directly from your bank account, see the form below.
Direct Payment Form

Authorization Agreement Direct Payment (ACH Debits) Form: Use this form to authorize FaithWorks to receive direct payments/donations from your bank. Requires a check copy to be submitted with the form. Complete and mail the form to FaithWorks. Do not email or send electronically.