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Blessings were bountiful on this unusually beautiful day out on the Navajo Reservation! Not only nice weather, but 29 Missioners, a hot and delicious feast (thanks to the electricity and propane being available!), a record breaking amount of gifts and spirit-filled worship complete with Christmas carols and a visit from Santa Claus! What wonderful memories of fellowship with our Navajo brothers and sisters. The excitement and wonder in the faces of the little ones was just precious! Your Christ-filled Christmas for 2018 just can't be complete without the experience this wonderful event! Sign up early because this one fills up quickly!

MEXICO MEDICAL MISSION TRIP - November 9-12th, 2017
Thirteen missioners from 7 different churches AND also 2 more faith-filled friends of FaithWorks stepped up to minister to the people of Agua Prieta. Doctors, nurses, dentists, assistants, translators, childrens ministry providers, runners, coordinators, cooks, people praying for this ministry and people donating items and finances to make this ministry happen! This and more is what it takes to bring the love of Jesus Christ to a hurting and poor area of Mexico. We brought health, hope, love! Our 2 faith-filled friends from Williams brought a dozen bicyles so important for transportation. Also medicine, vitamins, personal care items, clothing and more! Thank you for making this trip possible and lets begin planning for our next visit there in February 2018!

WHEN THE CEILING FALLS IN! - September 30, 2017
Twelve missioners from 5 different churches converged on our Navajo Reservation site where we have served for 10 years, assisting that small congregation in many ways. The mission this time: to restore the fallen drywall ceiling due to age and stress on the old building that serves as a Fellowship Hall/Kitchen. The mission team also did some painting, weed clearing and a lot of cleaning. We told the leaders there that we will always be there to help them, that no matter what, when things fall in, count on FaithWorks!