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This trip reminded us that God always has the best plan. We don't always recognize or appreciate this right away. The original S.R.M. plan made for the 15 FaithWorks missioners was to be outside the mission all day painting the building and courtyard fence area and also repairing a window. We realized this would need to change as the forcast was calling for significant rainfall. Plan B was then formulated and we arrived to find that the plan was to change yet again! Although this isn't our preference for planning and time management reasons, we worked quickly to re-plan, organize and then delegate the needed tasks out to our eager missioners! The light rain all morning was exciting and very welcome while we began our work. The biggest job was now the dining room floor needing to be stripped of old linoleum and glue, prepped and the cement foundation to be painted. BIG JOB! The kitchen needed some deep cleaning that doesn't get to happen too often because it is in use 3 times a day, 7 days a week. The main bathroom for the men's dorm also needed painted. It was in pretty rough shape with years of heavy use. All crews managed to finish their projects and then some! The floor is now very nice looking and safer to walk on. The bathroom is light, bright and clean looking. The 2 main industrial kitchen pieces were also looking bright and shiney. With just a little more time to spare, a few of the team were reassigned to a small dorm room that needed painting...done! Also, a couple construction type guys started on an exterior window that needed work, and then, the heavens opened up and it really started raining. The window had to wait! Wow, what a productive and fun trip we had!

A strong team of medical professionals, support staff and childrens ministry workers traveled to Agua Prieta for a 2 day Medical Clinic at our host church Fuente De Vida United Methodist Church. After a full day of travel on Thursday we arrived in Douglas to drop off clothing and other donations to a storage locker so the church members can come across as needed to get a few items at a time. We then ate a quick dinner, had a team meeting and devotions and off to bed! The next 2 days we held clinic and a fun time for the kids, however, on Friday we did get a very slow start with a tough time getting across the border. We never know how strict or how thorough they will be or, what they will choose to focus on or choose to overlook! We did finally succeed on the 3rd try! With only 2 doctors on this mission we were praying that we wouldn't have to turn people away and those prayers were answered! 68 Medical patients were attended to and 84 dental patients were also seen by the volunteer Mexican dentists. finishing up on Saturday with a wonderful dinner, worship and prayer with our hosts we left Agua Prieta tired but already looking forward to going back! The church and ladies group also make and sell fresh tortillas and wonderful coffee to raise money! If your interested in puchasing some let us know when we return again in September or in November and we will bring it back! Sunday was another long day of travel and we all arrived back safely. Over all I think we can say, "Job well done, thank you Lord and everyone else who supports FW for making this trip possible!"

Our mission team was mighty on this beautiful spring day! 12 Missioners from 6 different churches gathered with willing and joyful hearts. Much was accomplished to assist this long standing food bank in Flagstaff. There is so much preparation needed to hand out the volume of food 5 days a week, the very small staff and volunteers struggle to keep up with building maintenance and improvements. That's where FaithWorks comes in! Food pick up has been moved to the front of the building so they needed a truck loading zone painted in the back parking lot...done! Pallets of bulk foods sit till they can be repackaged into smaller quantities to be handed out...done! The food bank relies heavily on the volunteers who show up to actually load food into peoples cars as they pull up...done! Boxes of food must be put together beforehand to be handed out...done! We set them up for a whole week! Several of the team also got to learn how to use a bailer! That was FUN! Tired, happy and with new job skills we had a great day!