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Our mission team was mighty on this beautiful spring day! 12 missioners from 6 different churches gathered with willing and joyful hearts. Much was accomplished to assist this long standing food bank in Flagstaff. There is so much preparation needed to hand out the volume of food 5 days a week, the very small staff and volunteers struggle to keep up with building maintenance and improvements. That's where FaithWorks comes in! Food pick up has been moved to the front of the building so they needed a truck loading zone painted in the back parking lot...done! Pallets of bulk foods sit till they can be repackaged into smaller quantities to be handed out...done! The food bank relies heavily on the volunteers who show up to actually load food into peoples cars as they pull up...done! Boxes of food must be put together beforehand to be handed out...done! We set them up for a whole week! Several of the team also got to learn how to use a bailer! That was FUN! Tired, happy and with new job skills we had a great day! into smaller

ABIDE HOUSE OF CAMP VERDE - March 17th, 2018
What a blustery spring day it was in Camp Verde but the FaithWorks team showed up in force! Three crews of misisoners converged on this wonderful and growing ministy. The construction crew took on the task of a flooding/drainage problem. Another crew worked on painting needs, weeds and general cleanup. And a third crew stayed in the kitchen with a couple residents and worked on stocking the freezer with oven-ready cassaroles. All were blessed by the loving staff and the helpful residents! The Abide House helps women who are pregnant or have children, may come from abusive situations and are without resources to work and live. Can't wait to go back next year? Give them a call, they are always looking for volunteers!