Construction Mission

FaithWorks Construction Regional Missions incorporate people of all ages!

These are mission trips designed to assist needy mission sites with expertise, labor and in some cases materials. Persons with talent and ability in existing building fix-up or new construction are needed.  Although licensed professionals in all trades are particularly valuable, any able person is welcome to participate. 
Generally, the following criteria are what we follow:

  • Team size, 10-12 persons, first-come, first-serve.
  • Persons must be healthy enough for the work.
  • Adults and youth are welcome, men and women both needed.
  • Children are permitted on selected trips – must be accompanied by an adult family member.
  • Specific tools required on some jobs.
  • Lodging varies with sites on overnight trips.
  • Special one-day trips, locally.
  • Special accommodations for diet and physical needs.
  • Cost varies with trip length and location.