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MEDICAL SUPPLY MISSION – September 6-8th, 2018
7 Missioners set out to Mexico to deliver a trailer FULL of medical supplies and assistive equipment for the hospital and people of Mexico! Wow, it was a sizable amount and they were so excited to get it! After we finished unloading and sorting out all of the items in our trailer, we headed over to the medical clinic in Agua Prieta at Fuente de Vida Church. The clinic was long overdue for a thorough cleaning up and cleaning out. General cleaning everywhere, checking dates on every single item in the pharmacy, cleaning and purging of several storage closets along with rearranging the triage room for a better patient flow was all a high priority. We were also able to repair a sink top and plumbing in one of the bathrooms, install a new door knob at the churches computer lab bathroom across the street from the church, and the cooks were absolutely thrilled that we were able to repair the hot water line to the kitchen in the church. A wonderfully productive trip and we can’t wait to go back in November to open the clinic up to the people of Agua Prieta! YOU CAN HELP – As we were cleaning out the clinic we put together a list of urgently needed items. NEEDS: All kinds of vitamins, Triple Abx, antifungal cream, desitin, bacitracin, silver sulfadiazine, micorozole cream, chapstick, shaving cream, razors and deodorant. If you are able to donate please bring it by or call for a pick-up. THE NEXT MEDICAL CLINIC IS NOVEMBER 1st, so don’t delay! Your involvement is what makes missions possible! 

NAVAJO SOLAR OVEN CLINIC-September 11-12, 2018
The sun did shine bright and strong on both days of clinic, thank you for your prayers! What an amazing process of learning the basic science of the oven, constructing the oven and then learning how to prep and cook food in the solar oven! 2 Days is what it took to insure that each participant was confident in being able to successfully use a solar oven. 4 Members of the Solar Oven Partners team came from South Dakota to hold this Clinic at the Senior Center in Leupp, Arizona. FaithWorks supported with 10 members in attendance, 4 from Flagstaff, 4 from Camp Verde and 2 from Windsor, Colorado. We want to thank Pastor Lola Bahe for all her help, inviting Navajo people to attend the clinic, hosting the event at the Senior Center, and for participating in the Clinic. It was such a success, we look forward to helping with this ministry again next year! Details and dates to come later! 

ALASKA MISSION TRIP – August 18-26, 2018
10 Missioners flew to Anchorage, Alaska to work at a Christian Camp called Birchwood. The director tells us that 9000 campers come through there on a yearly basis! Imagine the wear and tear inflicted on this BEAUTIFUL place. There was plenty to do! New staff cabins were built last year and still needed insulation, vapor barrier and wallboard installed. The outside of these same cabins still needed to be “log-oiled”, a very messy job! Pavers needed to be installed at the directors residence to solve a drainage issue. Wood to be moved to certain areas of the camp, this is a constant need! A load of pea gravel was raked out at the beach and a sagging dock was repaired too. A kitchen door was fixed, deep kitchen cleaning was a must and a mysterious oder there was discovered and dealt with! Lots of mopping and sweeping everywhere and a repair to one of the womens shower heads rounded things out nicely! This must sound like all they did was work, however, there was a ‘FAIR’ amount of enjoyment while they worked and after work hours too! All got to attend the Alaska State Fair one evening! There was also had a lovely picnic on the beach with grilled salmon and devotions in the outdoor chapel. Thunderbird Falls was a beautiful short hike with the most amazing mushrooms all along the way! A trip into town for ice cream was a sweet treat too! Good memories and friends made for sure! This trip can take up to 15 people so why don’t YOU prayerfully consider coming in 2019? We need your commitment by early spring 2019 in order to purchase the lowest cost airfare.