Medical Mission

Our Medical Missions are a wonderful way to express the love of healing!

Medical mission trips are provided so that the ministry of healing and healthcare can be a vital part of the complete Christian experience on the mission field. Generally, we provide a total of four medical mission trips per year. Most missions are planned for Sonora, Mexico. Over the years, we have also conducted medical missions to Africa and are exploring the Philippines. We employ the following considerations:

  • Each missioner has to have the proper current licensing in their area of medical expertise.
  • Must possess a current passport.
  • Have all the required immunizations for the particular area [recommended by CDC, Atlanta].
  • Be healthy enough to endure long hours.
  • Adults and youth only.

Note: Although the team is always centered around medical professionals, we also have to have ‘support personnell’ I.e.: van drivers, pharmacy assistants, building fix-up ‘handyman’, persons to manage crowd control, children’s workers and interpreters.