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Christ's call to faith with action compels FaithWorks to seek out feasible, valid mission projects suffering real needs. We consult with our volunteers to prepare for success and Mission takes us all over the world, and into our own backyardseek out additional volunteers based upon requirements. If necessary, we will train volunteers in order to ensure success of the mission. FaithWorks effectively leads the trip and executes the project, keeping volunteers focused.

From home and on-site, prayer forms an important component to our success.

Our missions are completed by dedicated volunteers from all walks of life, with unique skills and gifts. Each is fulfilling God's purpose for them. Only as a group are we able to achieve the "grand" results. We aim to change the world one nail, one patient, one child at a time.

FaithWorks specializes in three mission types: Children, Construction, and Medical. Any mission can feature any or all of the mission types.

If you have any reservations about volunteering, we will be happy to address your concerns. Contact us directly. You can preview our upcoming missions by listing or calendar.


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