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Barray Lutheran Church.


September Issue – Ask and We Will Receive!; Caribou? Trapper? Sourdough? (aka the Alaska Mission Trip); Celebrating 19 Years of FaithWorks; Barn Sale; and Technology Upgrades.

July Issue – Coming Soon

April Issue – “Work Produced by Faith” by Tony, Mission to Abide Maternity, Help Needed!, Flagstaff Family Food Center mural, Planning for Success – El Nathan, Photos from Tanzania – “Africa Again!,” Beanie Baby Extravaganza

February Issue – “Passing the Baton” by Tony, Time for Celebration, Small Miracles in Aqua Prieta, Back to Africa


December Issue – “LAST CHANCE” by Glen & Jan Alan, Flagstaff Family Food Bank, Save the Date for Transition/Succession Celebration, Mission Trips for 2019, “Thankful for Missions” by Tony Casali, “Christmas in Navajoland”

November Issue – “What are we doing for thanks – Living?”, Mission Trips for 2019, “Construction is in the Air,” Solar Oven Clinic, 2018 Navajo Christmas Mission

September Issue – “Working on the Future, August Barn Sale,” “A New Frontier” – Birchwood Camp in Alaska

July Issue – “Looking Back, Looking Forward,” “New Friendships,” 200th mission to Agua Prieta, Solar Oven Partners, Barn Sale, Bruce Turner – Eagle Scout, Sunshine Rescue Mission

May Issue – “Are We There Yet?”, Family Food Bank, Abide House

March Issue – “Passing the Baton,” El Nathan – First Mission Trip for 2018, Praises and Needs, “The Best Laid Plans,” Love 928

January Special Edition – “Retirement” by Glen, Tony & Amy, What to look for in the Year Ahead!, Urgent need for Mexico Medical Mission


December Issue – “Bigger Barns and Christmas,” Mexico Medical Mission, “Christmas in Navajoland,” New Board Member Dave Hoffman

October Issue – Alaska Mission, Mission Trips for 2018, News & Needs, “When the Ceiling Falls In…,” “Digging Out,” Endownment Fund, “Mexico Equipment Delivery – One Man, Two Days”

July Issue – Mexico Medical Mission, Indian Bible College Mission, “Transported through time” donated vehicle, “When the heat is on” solar ovens

May Issue – “Getting Past the Hurt,” “Mission to a Few Good Men,” Stan Williams Memorial Gift, Garage Sale, “The Food Must Go Through…,” “It’s Not Just About the Money,” “Going to Navajoland,” Africa Update, Alaska Mission

March Issue – “The Medicine of Life,” “Snowed Under,” Upcoming Alaska Mission, Notes from Missioners, Mexico Medical Mission, “To the Mall or…?”, “The Donkey is Still Kicking!”


Christmas Issue – “Thanks within our Reach,” Navajo Christmas Mission, Mexico Equipment Mission Trip, Philippines Feeding Program, Navajo Mission Trip

September Issue – “Prayer, Politics and Mission,” Best Kept Secret in Flagstaff, Special Thanks, Upcoming Mexico Mission

March Issue – “Missions Refined,” Turning 40, El Nathan Camp Ministries in “just one day”


December Issue – “From Fear to Faith,” Navajo Christmas Mission, Mexico Medical Mission, Financial Stewardship

November Issue – “Being Safe at Christmas,” Mission Trips for 2016, Navajo Mission, Mexico Medical Equipment Mission, Roger Holden, Olive Branch Ministry

September Issue – “Light That Doen’t Hurt Our Eyes”, Arizona Mission Conference, African Chickan Project, Africa: Calling all Doctors, Alaska Mission

Summer Issue – “Happy Birthday Faithworks”, Love = a Greenhouse, Camp Civitan, Mexico Medical Mission

Spring Issue – “Well, Why Don’t We?”, Painting out the Vision, Aqua Prieta Medical Mission, Reinventing the Wheel


Christmas Issue – “The Christmas We Choose,” Navajo Children’s Christmas and Construction Missions, Mexico Medical Mission

Fall Issue – “Full Summer of Missions,” Back to Africa, Mission of Firsts in Honduras, “Habitat” Anchorage

Summer Issue – “Tragedy, Loss, & Mission,” Lake Montezuma, Williams Historic Church Restoration, Mexico Medical Mission

Spring Issue – “Mission Decisions”, El Nathan Mission, Mexican Medical Mission, Faithworks Vehichle in Africa


Christmas Issue – “You Still Come Back”, Celebration, Navajo Construction Mission, Mexico Medical Mission

Fall Issue – …worth it?, Disaster Funds, Support for Africa, Mexico Medical Mission, Alaska Mission, Coolers for Mexico

Summer Issue – No good deed…, Dilkon Mission, Living Water Mission, Olive Branch Mission, Camp Civitan Mission, Window Rock

Spring Issue – El Nathan Ministries, Mexico Medical Mission


Christmas Issue – Will Christmas Come?, Navajo Children’s Mission, Dual Navajo Missions, Faithworks and Africa, Mexico Mission

Fall Issue – Maturing & Missioners, McCurdy Mission, Alaska Mission

Summer Issue – Mission Mercies, Easter Mission, Northstar Yourth Ranch, Mexico Medical Mission

Spring Issue – Youth Haven Youth Ranch, Olive Branch Mission, Mexico Medical Mission


Christmas Issue – A Christmas Friendly Mission

Fall Issue – Patchwork, McCurdy School Mission, Alaska Mission, Annual Banquet, Trailer Gift

Summer Issue – Old Town Mission, A Day at Northstar Youth Ranch, Why We Still Go To Mexico

Spring Issue – Mexico Mission Accomplished, A Day at Sunshine, Mexico Medical Mission,


Christmas Issue – A Navajo Noel

Fall Issue – North to Alaska, Timberline Disaster Relief, Navajo Reservation Roof Repair, 10th Anniversary Celebration Banquet

Summer Issue – Old Town Mission, Sunshine Rescue Mission, McCurdy Mission, FaithWorks in Mexico, Africa Project Director

Spring Issue – Mexico Mission Trip, Olive Branch Mission Trip, On Mission – 10 years and counting