January 20, 2018
El Nathan Ministries, Flagstaff, Arizona

Right in the city limits there is a Christian campground/retreat center that few know about.  We will work inside the facility to provide much needed repairs and building maintenance. $30 person/$50 family. [F/C]


February 15-18, 2018
Medical Mission, Sonora, Mexico

A medical/dental mission team will be sent to Agua Prieta, Mexico, just south of the US border in the state of Sonora.  This will be our 48th Medical Mission into Sonora where FaithWorks is welcomed with gladness.  We'll continue to assist in the free provision of medical/dental care and medicines to the poor who cannot afford either, all in Christ's name! $295 per person. [M/C]


March 17, 2018
The Abide House, Camp Verde, Arizona

This maternity home in Camp Verde offers love and support to pregnant and parenting women who have nowhere else to go at the present. Come, let us join together and do the many needed fix-ups and repairs for the Abide House that helps and witnesses to women wanting to “Choose Life”. $30 person/$50 family. [C/F]


April 7, 2018
Flagstaff Family Food Bank, Flagstaff, AZ

This great work of feeding the needy in Flagstaff is in constant need of help.  The overworked staff can’t get to repairs and fix-up on their buildings and other tasks. That’s where we come in.  Join us for a great day of help!.$30 person/$50 family. [F/C]


May 17-20, 2018
Sonora, Mexico

For the second time in 2018 we will send a medical/dental team on mission to Agua Prieta, Mexico for a 2-day clinic.  FaithWorks continues to try and improve the medical provisions and level of care at the Agua Prieta Clinic.  Come and be a part of this loving/healing ministry.  This will be our 49th mission to Mexico!  $295 per person. [M/C]


June 16, 2018
Sunshine Rescue Mission, Flagstaff, AZ

Here is a very local and long-standing Christian ministry to the homeless and those who have fallen on hard times.  We’ll help wherever we can; cleaning, organizing donations, painting, etc., all to strengthen God’s work there! $30 person/$50 family. [C/F]


August 18-26, 2018
Birchwood Camp in Chugiak, Alaska

This team of up to 15 persons will travel to Anchorage, Alaska and on out to Birchwood Camp in Chugiak.  The team will be doing fix-up for a camp that is used by many youth and adults year round. This gives the camp staff a break in order to get ready for the next set of campers.  There could be painting, cleaning, gardening, roofing and light construction. The team will enjoy the magnificent countryside as well! $450 per person plus airfare. [C/F]


September 6-8, 2018
Mexico Supply Mission, Agua Prieta, Mexico

We'll take up to 5 volunteers to deliver, set-up and arrange medical equipment and supplies that have been offered to FaithWorks throughout the year to the hospital and La Fuente de Vida Clinic.  They are so grateful for any items we bring.  This will be our 50th mission to Mexico and this is not a medical mission trip.  So plan to be a part of this 3-day mission to deliver 'hope' to our brothers and sisters in Mexico! $195 per person. [C/M]


October 13, 2018
Navajo Construction Mission, Leupp, Arizona

Our Navajo brothers and sisters on the reservation deeply appreciate the building repair and fix-up we've supplied for 18 years. You don’t have to be a professional contractor, just have a willingness and a heart to help!  Why not join us for this one day mission to help make a difference?  $30 person/$50 family. {C/F]


November 1-4, 2018
Sonora, Mexico

For the third time this year we will send a medical/dental team on mission to Agua Prieta, Mexico for a two-day ministry.  On this 51th mission to Mexico we’ll continue to work to help improve the medical provisions and level of care at Fuente de Vida Clinic.  $295 per person [C/M]


December 1, 2018
The Navajo Indian Children's Christmas Mission, Leupp, Arizona

Our 18th annual Christmas ministry to Navajo children and families.  Coordinating Christians across denominational lines to provide ministry to Navajo children in the "Nation to the North."   Our destination is just a short drive 30 miles north of Flagstaff.  We will have a Christmas party for the children, distributing gifts and food, complete with the arrival of Santa Claus and a shared meal with our Navajo brothers and sisters. We will all prepare and provide the food. Another one day mission event! $30 person/$50 family [F]